The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) wishes to advise our valued customers that effective January 1, 2016, it will be mandatory for licensed firearm holders to prove to the Authority that they  completed the “FLA Firearm Safe Use and Handling Assessment” in order to renew their  firearm license(s). Subsequently, this will be required every three years.


Firearm Licence Holders are to contact any FLA Approved Trainer (Please see list HERE).

Under the supervision of the FLA Approved Trainer Firearm Licence Holders will be required to successfully:

1. Complete the firearm safe use and handling assessment:

  • Drawing and Presenting Firearm
  • Holstering of Firearm
  • Loading and Unloading of Firearm
  • Demonstrate how to recover from stoppage

2.  Complete the Practical Shooting Assessments (Please see instructions HERE) [which will not be timed].

3.  Participate in the Use of Force Lecture [geared towards educating firearm holders as to their rights under the Firearms Act] held by the Trainer.


Please Note:

  • Assessments MUST be conducted with the firearm licence holders own firearm(s).
  • Holders MUST perform satisfactorily in all areas.
  • At the end of the Assessment the Trainer will issue to the Firearm Licence Holder the original signed completed Safe Use and Handling Assessment Form [labeled Firearm Holders Copy].
  • Firearm Holders MUST present the form to prove that they have successfully completed the Safe Use and Handling Assessment at their next Renewal session.
  • Unsuccessful Firearm Licence Holders MUST seek the services of a FLA Approved Trainer to improve in their weak areas. 
  • A fee of no more than one thousand five hundred Jamaican dollars [JA$1500] will be charged, by the assessor.  The assessment fee does not include the cost of ammunition or the range entry fee.

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