Application for licence, certificate or permit

Apply for a licence certificate or permit.

Application for Review of Denial or Revocation 

Apply for review of denial or revocation.
Application for Provisional Firearm User's Permit Apply for a provisional permit.

Change of Information

Used to indicate to the FLA that their contact information has changed.

Instructions For Completion of Application Form for Firearm Licences Certificates and Permits

This document  gives general guidelines on how to complete as well as the accompanying documents required for a licence application.

Instructions For Completion of Amendment Application

This document  gives general guidelines on how to complete as well as the accompanying documents required for an Amendment to employee's certificate.

Export Permit

Facilitates importation of firearm and ammunition requests.

Import Permit

Facilitates importation of firearm, ammunition and accessories requests.

Amendment to (Employee's) Certificate

Allows for the addition or removal of firearm(s) from the list of firearms that the holder of a Firearm User's Employee's Certificate is permitted to carry and use.

Additional Ammunition

Allows the holder of a current primary holder of firearm user’s licence to seek permission to purchase ammunition for a specific purpose.

Accountability of Ammunition Expended

All holder are required to account for ammunition previously approved which has since been expended.

Declaration of Extension Form Purchase Order or Competence Examination

Allows holder to request an extension of purchase order or competence examination.

Disposal Permit

Allows the holder of a firearm licence/permit to relinquish his/her legal authority to carry and or use a specific firearm.

Minor Permit for Bird Hunting

Minor permit (Bird Hunting Season).

Approved Firearm Trainer Status Apply to become a firearm trainer.

Declaration of Secure Location to Store Firearm

Declaration of Secure Location to Store Firearm.

Recertification Form

Allows the holder of a current firearm licence to apply for the recertification process.

Surrender of Firearm and/or Ammunition Declaration Form Allows the holder to a current Firearm Licence to apply to surrender their firearm,ammunition or both.

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