Mission and Vision Statement


FLA enjoys public confidence through consistently superior professionalism, integrity and customer satisfaction.
Our mission is to provide an environment of transparency and integrity in the regulation of firearms and ammunition used by Jamaican Residents. We will do this by having highly trained, professional staff providing high quality service to our individual applicants, Dealers, Range Operators, Trainers, Security Companies and other customers. As a part of the national security infrastructure of Jamaica, we will also ensure that the integrity and completeness of our database of firearms records are maintained at high standards, and will also seek to maintain excellent communication with the other members of the national security infrastructure under the umbrella of the Ministry of National Security.

- To provide a decision for 80% of all new firearm applications within nine months.

- To process 90% of renewals within forty-five minutes

-  To perform annual audits on:

     o   90% of security companies

     o   100% of Dealers, Range Operators and Trainers.

- To maintain 100% compliance with Ministry of Finances cash flow and revenue target standards

- To have 80% of staff qualified for the post assigned

- To conduct quarterly audits of fixed assets 

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